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German raumplus walk-in wardrobe with island design 德國raumplus衣帽間及中島設計

raumplus - Legno System

Walk-in Wardrobes with island design

German raumplus logo

Room Dividers

With raumplus sliding doors, the different areas can be separated elegantly, such as kitchen and dining room, or living and bathroom. You can also find the room dividers in the realisation of walk-in closet. 

Featured Worktops / Countertops

MAIER's highly customizable island features a worktop that can stretch up to five meters in length and comes with a variety of material options, empowering homeowners to tailor their ideal kitchen with ease.

Corner Wardrobes / Walk-In Closets 

​Whether as a corner wardrobe or walk-in closet, raumplus or giellesse can also satisfies your needs by their custom-made wardrobe solutions.

Extensive Range Of Finishes For Kitchen Panels

​With flexibility in mind, MAIER offers an extensive range of finishes for its panels such as porcelain slab, wood veneer, and artistic paint lacquered, each reflecting a user's personality in its own style.

Room Doors

Aluminum frame room doors from raumplus are made to measure, and available as a single room door, with a second door leaf, with fanlight and/or side panel. The door panels can be made of glass or wood. So you have numerous design options.

​Wardrobe Planning

How to design your ideal walk-in wardrobes? Let's get some inspiration from our raumplus - LEGNO system!

raumplus Interior System - UNO

With its light, delicate and transparent appearance, Uno is the ideal made-to-measure wardrobe system for a modern wardrobe solution. Despite all its lightness, Uno is highly functional. Proven raumplus wardrobe components such as sloping shelves, compartment dividers and a clothes lift round off Uno's configuration options.

raumplus Interior System - LEGNO

For those who love a mix of materials, Legno is the right choice as an interior system, which offers various materials and a wide range of high-quality design surfaces.

As is the case with all our interior systems, Legno always adapts to your needs and stages of life. It can always be modified and extended, even at a later date

raumplus, the bottom rolling sliding door, floor track, 軌道式趟門, 地面路軌

The bottom rolling sliding door (with floor track)

The top-hung AIR sliding door (without floor track)

raumplus, The top-hung AIR sliding door, without floor track, AIR上懸式趟門, 無地面路軌

The Two Types Of Sliding Doors At raumplus:

  1. the bottom rolling sliding door

  2. the top-hung AIR sliding door

Both variants each have their advantages. Which version you want in your living space depends on the building conditions and personal requirements.

TV (Monitor) In The Sliding Door

It is a sliding door and media center in one. In this way, it elegantly combines room design with entertainment for living rooms, bedrooms or even in meeting rooms.

Gallery Lighting LED

Light is more than just brightness - light creates atmosphere! The raumplus wardrobes can be equipped with lighting in different parts: wardrobe doors, shelves, corner shelves, wardrobe sides or clothes rails. Here, too, we can offer you a wide range of options.

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