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With kitchen cabinetry experience of more than half a century, German brand MAIER, established in 1966, is committed to crisp lines and defined contours that infuse kitchens with a contemporary flair. With flexibility in mind, MAIER offers an extensive range of finishes for its panels such as porcelain slab, wood veneer, and artistic paint lacquered, each reflecting a user's personality in its own style. ​Apart from design, its kitchen fittings are comprised of the finest hardware and materials sourced from Europe, offering a perfect blend of convenience and durability. The brand's highly customisable island features a worktop that can stretch up to five metres in length and comes with a variety of material options, empowering homeowners to tailor their ideal kitchen with ease. ​Following significant expansions of its production line, MAIER now provides a comprehensive range of home solutions under its new identity - MAIER HOME. While kitchen cabinets remain front and centre, MAIER repertoire has now grown to include doors, walk-in closets, living rooms, bathroom furnishings, and wall systems.

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