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About Us

Our Story

i Living, Ài Shēng Huó

Fresh, dynamic and experienced, i Living is a top-class luxury goods distributor committed to providing its clients with the highest quality of products and professional standard of services. Our teams specialized in marketing luxury goods from Europe and have comprehensive local knowledge of the doors, interiors system, furniture and kitchen markets in Hong Kong.

Ài Shēng Huó, in mandarin is “love your living”. i Living is aiming to provide a taste of European lifestyle to our clients, from local hongkongers to mainlanders. Lifestyle becomes a form of attitudes and a matter of respect to people.


Because of you, i Living is unique. We focus on establishing outstanding relationships with local architects, interior designers and property developers. We believe our clients deserved to have total solutions on designing their dream house.

Our Team

Our management team have combined with over 20 years’ experience in marketing luxury goods/services. We are committed to establishing the highest standards of service, combining professional expertise with a high degree of personal attention to each client’s particular needs.


i Living believes that its people are the most indispensable resource in the success of its business. That is why we allocate tremendous efforts to foster quality people through our stringent recruitment process and follow up with comprehensive on-the-job training. As a result, only those with enthusiasm, integrity and commitment will be selected to grow with the company.

Our Vision

i Living is focused our efforts in marketing premium brand distribution in Hong Kong, Greater China region and Macau. We are aiming at maintaining balanced portfolio of brands from Italy and Germany, the products from furniture to door panels, so as to cater different needs from our customers in the luxury market segments.


We have a vision to bring in the taste of European luxury to the area. Currently, we are representing more than ten European brands, with more coming on line as we are growing at a fast pace.

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