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raumplus - UNO Series

With its light, delicate and transparent appearance, Uno is the ideal made-to-measure wardrobe system for a modern wardrobe solution. Despite all its lightness, Uno is highly functional. Proven raumplus wardrobe components such as sloping shelves, compartment dividers and a clothes lift round off Uno's configuration options.


Uno corner walk-in closet in dark bronze, with LEGNO wardrobes and island design


Uno shelf carrier


Uno special accessory -  tie rack


Uno corner shelves (25mm thickness)


Uno illuminated corner clothing rail (round shape)


Room division design by raumplus. Walk-in closet and bedroom are separated by sliding door - S1200 AIR SDB 

raumplus - LEGNO Series

For those who love a mix of materials, Legno is the right choice as an interior system. In addition to the various materials, a wide range of high-quality design surfaces is available for the desired configuration. A variety of useful and elegant accessories also round off the maximum design possibilities.

Another argument in favor of Legno is the larger span width. The great stability that this extra span makes possible is achieved by a greater material thickness (25mm) of the sides and bottoms. As is the case with all our interior systems, Legno always adapts to your needs and stages of life. It can always be modified and extended, even at a later date.


Legno corner walk-in wardrobes and island design

imm 2017 20_300.jpg

Drawers with accessories dividers and lighting


Glass door hinges by SALICE


Legno sliding shelf (25mm thickness)


Legno shoe cabinet: 20° Angled shoe shelves; wood door hinges by HETTICH


Legno walk-in wardrobes with leather and glass doors panel

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